Every legisign signifies through an instance of its application, which may be termed a Replica of it. Thus, the word the will usually occur from fifteen to twenty-five times on a page. It is in all these occurrences one and the same word, the same legisign. Each single instance of it is a replica. The replica is a sinsign. Thus, every legisign requires sinsigns. But these are not. A Rhematic Indexical Legisign [e.g., a demonstrative pronoun] is any general type or law, however established, which requires each instance of it to be really affected by its Object in such a manner as merely to draw attention to that Object.Each Replica of it will be a Rhematic Indexical Sinsign of a peculiar kind. The Interpretant of a Rhematic Indexical Legisign represents it as an Iconic.

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What does legisign mean? (Peircean semiotics) A sign that consists in a general idea, norm, or law. (noun Legisign: lt;table class=vertical-navbox nowraplinks hlist cellspacing=5 cellpadding=0 style=float:righ... World Heritage Encyclopedia, the aggregation of the. praat-textgrids -- Praat TextGrid manipulation in Python Description. textgrids is a module for handling Praat TextGrid files in any format (short text, long text, or binary). The module implements five classes, from largest to smallest: TextGrid-- a dict with tier names as keys and Tiers as values; Tier-- a list of either Interval or Point objects; Interval-- an object representing Praat.

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Dicent Indexical Legisign; Rhematic Symbol Legisign/Symbolic Rheme Dicent Symbol Legisign (Proposition) Argument Symbolic Legisign (. . .) It is not impossible that some varieties are here overlooked. It is a nice problem to say to what class a given sign belongs; since alle the circumstances of the case have to be considered. But it is seldom requisite to be very accurate; for if one does not. legisign (a type of sign vehicle contiguous with other related types), and then as a Qualisign Sinsign Legisign Symbol Index Icon 2 2 3 Sign-vehicle itself Sign to referent 1 1 Figure 43.1. C. S. Peirce's categorical scheme for a taxonomy of sign forms. Each sign relation is characterized by a combination of features involving the sign vehicle itself (left column) and the relation of sign. dicent symbolic legisign: a proposition: it's cold in here. 10) 3 3 3 . argument symbolic legisign: abduction: It's cold in here interpreted as a request to close the window. induction: Where there is smoke there is fire. deduction: the red light of the traffic code in the abstract. The above list does not represent classes of signs to which we can assign phenomena by labelling them, but. PDF | On Jan 1, 2020, Muhammad Muslich Candra Nagara and others published The Meaning of Qualisign, Sinsign, and Legisign of Gejog Lesung Art Mukti Lestari in Sewon Bantul | Find, read and. Legisign (defined by the generality of the sign itself) is now distin-guished from the classic generality of Symbols (pertaining to the gen-erality of the meaning of the sign), the possibility arises for a type of proposition that is general in the former sense but not in the latter: general in itself, but without any general meaning. Such a sign is the Dicent Indexical Legisign. 177 The.

legisign and a qualisign, neither of which is an individual thing, is that a legisign has a definite identity, though usually admitting a great variety of appearances. Thus, &, and, and the sound are all on Dicent Indexical Legisign. 8. Rhematic Symbolic Legisign, 9. Dicent Symbolic Legisign; 10. Argument Symbolic Legisign. From the ten classes to the ten trichotomies and the sixty-six classes It is well known that Peirce expanded the system of sign relations first by introducing the additional subdivision of the object into the immediate and dynamical object and then by introducing the further. Every legisign signifies through an instance of its application, which may be termed a Replica of it. Thus, the word the will usually occur from fifteen to twenty-five times on a page. It is in all these occurrences one and the same word, the same legisign. Each single instance of it is a Replica. The Replica is a Sinsign. Thus, every Legisign requires Sinsigns. But these are not ordinary. Transcriber parser and conversion utilities. Contribute to Legisign/trsparser development by creating an account on GitHub Legisign 56 post karma 2,729 comment karma send a private message. get them help and support. redditor for 2 years. TROPHY CASE. Two-Year Club. Verified Email. remember me reset password. . Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. get reddit premium. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor. and join one of thousands of.

How do we look at an image and gain meaning from it? Here's an introduction to Semiotics, the types of signs, and how it creates meaning in Art! Subscribe to.. This is the meaning of legisign: legisign (English)Origin & history From legal and sign? Noun legisign (pl. legisigns) (Peircean semiotics) A sign that consists in a general idea, norm, or law.Charles S[anders] Peirce, Semiotics: An Introductory Anthology: A Rhematic Indexical Legisign [e.g., a demonstrative pronoun] is any general type or law, however established, which requires each. Legisign and: II. Icon: or: Index: or: Symbol and: III. Rheme: or: Dicisign: or: Argument Because of those classificatory interdependences, the three trichotomies intersect to form ten (rather than 27) classes of signs. There are also various kinds of meaningful combination. Signs can be attached to one another. A photograph is an index with a meaningfully attached icon. Arguments are composed.

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  1. See 'legisign' also in: Google Translator Shabdkosh Wikipedia.com Dictionary.com Merriam Webster. Learn words by topi
  2. Qualisign, Sinsign, Legisign Peirce also classifies the types of sign into qualisign, sinsign and legisign. We will try to write their meaning individually and in an organized manner so we can understand it in the best way that we can. Qualisign: It has nothing to do with the sign as a form but with its substance or as the word says it; the quality of the sign. Again, this has nothing to do.
  3. Das Verhältnis zwischen formaler Logik und natürlichsprachlichen Argumentationen - Philosophie - Hausarbeit 2005 - ebook 3,99 € - GRI

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legisign can function only through what Peirce called its replica: a special type of sinsign which would not be significant if it were not for the law which renders it so (2.246). Peirce cites the word the as an example of a legisign. It can be employed through a variety of sinsigns (e.g., it can be spoken, printed, carved in stone, et cetera). In any case, all of these sinsigns are. In 1903, the list takes the quali-sin-legisign sequence as fundamental, so that the priority of the three trichotomies is 1-2-3; in 1904 the overall structure follows the rheme-dicisign-argument sequence, so the priority is rather 3-2-1. No argument is given for the change, but the implicit reason must be taken to be that the function of signs in reasoning (given by rheme-dicisign-argument) is.

Legisigno ¿Qué es un legisigno? Se define por el dato de un objeto de experiencia y de una ley que prescribe mediante qué conexión real ese objeto dirigirá la atención sobre otro objeto y mediante qué cualidades traerá informaciones acerca de ese objeto. Ese objeto de experienci Seventh: A Dicent Indexical [ 2 ] Legisign [e.g., a street cry] is any general type or law [ 3 ] , however established, which requires each instance of it [ 2 ] to be really affected by its Object in such a manner as to furnish definite information [ 2 ] concerning that Object. It must involve an Iconic Legisign to signify the information and a Rhematic Indexical Legisign to denote the subject. rheme legisign dicent qualisign argument predication complementation abstraction sorting Fig.1. The sign-matrix As we mentioned, Peirce's classi cation of signs can be identi ed in di erent symbol phenomena like Boolean logic, syntax etc. We will capitalize on this isomorphism and alternatively refer to a sign by means of the corresponding Boolean logical expression. The classi cation of. Sinsign Legisign (IV) Dicent Indexical Sinsign Abb. 2: Schema der Zeichenklassen von C.S. Peirce Diesem Schema fügte er er~ärend hinzu, daß die Quadrate, die dickausgezogene Trennlinien haben, nur in einem Bezug ähnlichen Klassen entsprechen, daß die Quadrate mit dünnen Trennlinien in zwei Bezügen mit ähnlichen Klassen zusammen­ hängen. Quadrate,die nicht aneinander grenzen, hängen.

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The legisign, that is to say, the law or convention, must be realized, too, in order to become a signsign which than constitutes the replica of the legisign. Thus, only the sinsign, the realized, existent medium, 'here and now', the sign as 'object or event', will be transmitted. This may also be called a 'signal', for every signal depends on time and space. (Walther 2002: 177. A Legisign is a law that is a Sign. This law is usually established by men. Every conventional sign is a legisign [but not conversely]. It is not a single object, but a general type which, it has been agreed, shall be significant. Every legisign signifies through an \ instance of its application, which may be termed a Replica of it Legi-Sign is a company that is located in 2221 Nimtz Rd, il Winnebago, IL Loves Park, IL. You can contact the company via this phone number: (815) 654-0100.This business is categorised in miscellaneous manufacturing industries, signs and advertising specialties

Legisign Symbol Argument in itself, the sign a sign which refers a sign which, for Triadic relation is of the nature of to the object by its Interpretant, is a general type (CP virtue of some kind a Sign of iow (CP 8,334). of convention. 2,252). 57 1st Trichotomy 2nd Trichotomy 3rd Trichotomy Qualisign Icon Rheme Monadic relation 1 1 1 2 2 5 5. This research aims to reveal the meaning of signs in terms of qualisign, sinsign, and legisign, look for the process of sign changes, and reveal the norms of Gejog Lesung art, using Pierce's semiotic analysis. Data source is a phenomenon that exists in the Gejog Lesung art. The research instruments were interviews, documentation and observation stefan.werner@joensuu.fi, tommi.nieminen@legisign.org ABSTRACT Our exploratory study looks for units of temporal structure in conversational Finnish speech. The rel-ative signicance of different hierarchical levels of rhythm was evaluated using Bayesian inference on a linear regression model based on coupled oscilla- tors. Results suggest that stress, mora and possibly foot timing as rhythmic. legisign (English)Origin & history From legal and sign? Noun legisign (pl. legisigns) (Peircean semiotics) A sign that consists in a general idea, norm, or law.1985, Charles S[anders] Peirce, editor Robert E. Innis, Semiotics: An Introductory Anthology, Indiana University Press, page 20: A Rhematic Indexical Legisign [e.g., a demonstrative pronoun] is any general type or law, however. Based on that three parts or triadic concepts of Pierce, there are the relation of sign to representament which includes qualisign, sinsign, and legisign, the relation of sign to object which includes icon, index, and symbol, and the relation of sign to interpretant includes rheme, dicisign, and argument. From the research, the writer generally concludes that the semiotic theory of Pierce with.

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  1. This video shows you how to pronounce Legisign
  2. The Meaning of Qualisign, Sinsign, and Legisign of Gejog Lesung Art Mukti Lestari in Sewon Bantul . Muhammad Muslich Candra Nagara 1* Ayu Niza Machfauzia 1** . 1. Faculty of Language and.
  3. Username Legisign. Date joined Joined Jun 27, 2019 2 projects praat-textgrids. Last released Mar 23, 2020 Manipulation of Praat TextGrids. bibparse. Last released Jul 18, 2019 Read and write BibTeX files. Help. Installing packages; Uploading packages; User guide; FAQs; About PyPI . PyPI on Twitter.

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  1. legisign. Peirce's theory of signs rests on a phenomenology or, to use Peirce's term: a phaneroscopy, the categories of which are or-dinal. There are three phaneroscopical categories. 1, 2 and 3, which are not cardinal but ordinal numbers. That is to say that 3 does not mean the single number 3, but a Third, which pre- supposes a Second, which presupposes a First. Peirce's phaneroscopy.
  2. legisign: English (eng) (Peircean, _, semiotics) A sign that consists in a general idea, norm, or law. Words with the same origin as legisign. Descendants of legal Jewish Legalism Polglish Polish antijewish autogenocide eugenicide genocidal genocide genocidist lagger poolish Descendants of sign Auslan . About; Report mistake; Contact.
  3. Sign (semiotics) - Triadic Signs - Classes of Triadic Signs... sign by what stands as the sign — either (qualisign, also called a tone) a quality — or (sinsign, also called token) an individual fact — or (legisign, also called type) a rule, a habit by how theSinsigns include some icons and some indices Indices (be they sinsigns or legisigns) include some rhemes and some dicisigns.
  4. There are 1 videos about legisign on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them
  5. Abduktion ist f Herrero in ihrem Objektbezug ikonisch (legisign in seinem Mittelbezug and argument in seinem Interpretantenbezug) and dal hei weder indexikalisch noch symbolisch darzustellen, wenngleich die ikonische Auffassung d; r Abduktion die Verwendung von Symbolert and indices nicht ausschlie. Die Rechtfertigung daf, daAbduktion mit Ikonizit identisch ist, sieht Herrero m.E darin, dawir.
  6. Legisign Is a habit, a rule, an established relation of representation, a law of interpretation. This is what actually makes semiosis in a wider sense possible beyond the hic et nunc of the sinsign. Legisign is a general type, while sinsign is a token of it. (Red the word as ab abstract versus a particular instance of the written word red in a particular font in a particular place. Or if.
  7. Legisign (VIII) Rhematic Symbol Legisign (X) Argument Symbolic Legisign (II) Rhematic Iconic Sinsign (VI) Rhematic Indexical Legisign (IX) Dicent Symbol Legisign (III) Rhematic Indexical Sinsign (VII) Dicent Indexical Legisign (IV) Dicent Indexical Sinsign: Read more about this topic: Semiotic Elements And Classes Of Signs, Classes of Signs. Famous quotes containing the words classes, ten and.

Ikonisches Legizeichen (iconic legisign) Zusammensetzung: R 3 O 1 I 1 Beschreibung: ein allgemeiner Typ von Zeichen, der auf etwas anderes unspezifisch verweist, dies aber unabhängig vom speziellen Kontext tut Beispiele: ein Diagramm oder Formalismus für einen Zeichenbenutzer, der seine formalen Bil-dungsregeln verstanden hat, so dass er es für verschiedene Kontexte zeichnen könnte, aber. A legisign, you will recall, consists of a rule determining the sound or shape of its replicas; but this rule must be associated with a second rule determining how those replicas are to be interpreted. Ambiguity consists in a plurality of rules of interpretation for the same legisign, and change of meaning consists in a change of these associated rules. It follows that the identity of a.

Peirce's ten basic classes of sign types (CP: 2

I f you're one of the estimated 3 gajillion people who have seen or will see Chris Nolan's blockbuster movie Interstellar, one thing is already clear to you: this is not a documentary.That. Indefinite identity: The masked terrorist as iconic legisign Indefinite identity: The masked terrorist as iconic legisign Yamini-Hameda, Azadehni 2014-06-01 00:00:00 In the past decade over twelve thousand books and seventy-eight thousand scholarly articles have been written about terrorism. Less than 0.005% of these mention semiotics and only a handful actively explore the usefulness of a. 3. Legisign. Kata legi berasal dari kata lex (hukum). Legisign adalah suatu tanda yang menjadi tanda karena suatu keberaturan tertentu. Jenis tanda ini banyak digunakan dalam arsitektur misalnya dalam sistem struktur bangunan. Peirce (dalam Zoest, 1978) membedakan tiga jenis tanda yaitu ikon (icon), indeks (index, indice), dan simbol/lambang.

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LIMITS OF INTERPRETATION REVISITED A sceptical view on textual interpretation: Targeting Charles Williams's The Greater Trumps Tommi Nieminen Department of Languages, University of Jyväskylä, Finlan an iconic legisign, established by convention via the aforementioned relationship, or it could be an symbolic legisign if there is no reason for high noises to be related to small referents. In experimental semiotics, there is also a trend to measure iconicity by getting naive participants to pair signs with their intended meanings (Garrod et al., 2007; Perlman et al., 2015). However, methods.

Legisign Legisign adalah norma yang terkandung dalam tanda. Misalnya rambu-rambu lalu lintas yang menandakan hal-hal yang boleh atau tidak boleh dilakukan masnusia. C.S.Pierce: Pateda, 2001:44 Legisign yang terkandung dalam tanda, pada latar tempat kejadian didalam foto headline Polisi Kumpulkan Bukti hanya terlihat sisa runtuhan jembatan Kutai Kartanegara diatas sungai Mahakam dan sebuah. Lesung (javanisch und indonesisch, Stampftrog, Mörser), auch sundanesisch lisung, minangkabauisch lasuang, ist ein üblicherweise langer hölzerner Stampftrog aus einem Baumstamm, den Frauen in Indonesien und Malaysia zum traditionellen Dreschen von Reis verwenden, indem sie mit Holzstangen das Getreide im Trog stampfen. Als musikalische Form (lesungan) stampfen sie, auch ohne. Subscribe to sign -1-, Thirdness, legisign, sign as law. Legisign in itself, the sign is of the nature of a general type (CP 8,334). Symbol a sign which refers to the object by virtue of some kind of convention. Argument a sign which, for its Interpretant, is a Sign of iow (CP 2,252)

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  1. Legisign (from the Latin lex or \law) is a law or a habit. Legisigns manifest themselves exclusively through their instances or replicas, i.e. sinsigns derived from them. It is not di cult to see how Peirce's omnipresent category theory factors into this and other trichotomies of his taxonomy. The second trichotomy concerns how exactly the representamen stands for its (dynamic) object, and.
  2. configuration (the legisign), this is the sense in which it is a qualisign. The fact that each of its occurrences has a particular existence or factness, that it is ineluctably before us, an actuality, hic et nunc(Goudge, 1950, p. 88) establishes the sense, in which they are each sinsigns. The interested reader will find a more complete discussion of this trichotomy, and of related.
  3. Thus, every Legisign requires Sinsigns. (1903, CP 2.246) That Peirce saw the 'collective' type as a general, and not limited solely to language matters, also comes from his referring to his three methods of reasoning — deduc-tive, inductive, abductive — as types. (1913, CP 8.385) OK, so types and tokens are not limited to the written word and can apply to any general-particular.
  4. Peirce's Trichotomy of Signs. C.S. Peirce elaborated three central trichotomies of sign. The first depends on whether the sign itself is a quality or an actual thing or a habit (tone, token, type, also called qualisign, sinsign, legisign).The second (icon, index, symbol) depends on the kind of reference to the denoted object.The third depends on the kind of reference which the sign will be.
  5. The usefulness of representamen categories from Peirce's Syllabus, rhematic, Argument, dicent, indexical, qualisign, legisign, and sinsign, is demonstrated. Greimas' observations about the functions of modalities are brought in to explain how graphic images and portraiture, fictional and memoir narratives, legal discourses, and popular media.
  6. es the semiotic foundations of Natural Linguistics with special reference to diagrammatic iconicity. In accordance with C. S. Peirce's semiotics, naturalness in language is described as a substratum of iconic, indexical, and symbolic signs. Diagrammatic iconicity in language is more than form-meaning isomorphism; it is a structure inherent in the verbal form itself.
  7. Most astronomers believe the Universe began in a Big Bang about 14 billion years ago. At that time, the entire Universe was inside a bubble that was thousands of times smaller than a pinhead. It was hotter and denser than anything we can imagine

Every legisign signifies through an instance of its application, which may be termed a Replica of it []» (Peirce, n.d., as cited in Weber, 2008, p.350). With indexical, Peirce stresses that a name can also be affected by its object (interaction). Rhematic refers to the fact that a name can neither be false or true, it is a sign of «qualitative possibility» (Weber, 2008, p. 353). first. A legisign is a sign which is of the nature of a general type or law (cP 4.414, 1903). Legisigns are types which produce replicas or tokens. Replicas or tokens are sinsigns, signs characterized as singular: A Legisign is a law that is a sign. this law is usually established by men. every conven-tional sign is a legisign [but not conversely]. it is not a single object, but a general type.

C.S. Peirce worked on logic and semiotics (this latter term he translated from the Greek), frequently linking the two. He argued that signs are the vehicles for thought as well as the articulation of logical forms. Peirce differs from Saussure in an important way. Peirce's semiotics is based not on the word-as-sign but on the propositio In Cobley, I appreciated Peirce's classification of phenomena as well as signs. The idea was logical. My real understanding came from the diagram on page 31. From the graph and explaination of it I was able to understand the signs, how they are produced and how the phenomena with signs function are interrelated. Soooo th Legisign correspond to nature; Icon, Index and Symbol correspond to hu-mankind; and Rheme, Dicent sign and Argument correspond to culture. In my opinion, these nine sign types are ideal signs. This means that the signs, as perceived, do not exist in the world as pure signs; they will contain ele-ments and features from all sign types. In that way, we will not be able to interpret a Qualisign. Every legisign signifies through an instance of its application, which may be termed a Replica of it. Thus, the word 'the' will usually occur from fifteen to twenty-five times on a page. It is in all these occurrences one and the same word, the same legisign. Each single instance of it is a Replica. The Replica is a Sinsign. Thus, every Legisign requires Sinsigns. But these are not. A Legisign is a universal or category of thing, which may therefore include many Individuals or sinisigns. Peirce is here accepting the formal-logical conception of universals unbounded categories of elements collected in a set through sharing a common attribute. This was, during his lifetime at least, the universally accepted conception in natural science. There is no need therefore.

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It must involve an Iconic Legisign to signify the information and a Rhematic Indexical Legisign to denote the subject of that information. Each Replica of it will be a Dicent Sinsign of a peculiar kind. (CP 2.260).* The law applied to this case, more or less well internalized by the parents (by previous and/or external collateral experience, possibly under theoretical knowledge acquired on. Thirdness and legisign: a Peircean view on conventionality in literature Harri Veivo Research output : Contribution to journal › Article › Scientific › peer-revie

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Legisign Dicent Symbol Legisign is is Argument Symbolic Legisign affects denotes the idea of represents as through representamen icon object its own characteristics denotes through object association of ideas denotes by Peirce's Theory of Signs Index. Design affordances as. contents. of of. Design Christopher Alexander's synthesis of the form. Analysis Synthesis Bridge model,. The meaning of the resulting informative symbolic rule (i.e., the Dicentic Symbolic Legisign—level 9) would have therefore been: Such ochre pigments signify their wearer's 'status.' Such a symbolic proposition would have in turn premised the development of symbolic syllogisms (i.e., Argumentative Symbolic Legisigns—level 10), such as rituals. According to Deacon 1997, 402. A rhematic indexical legisign is technically a sign that fits within a convention (legisign), that emerges from its object (as if caused by it), and is a component that depends on other signs around it to deliver meaning. Peirce's main example is that of a pronoun in spoken and written language. Had Monelle characterised this musical aspect. symbol, index, icon . Created by American polymath Charles Sanders Peirce (1839-1914), the symbol/index/icon triad remains a tool of analysis at the core of semiotics, a discipline which studies signs and their meanings.As semiotics has broadened to include anything which could be termed communication (including the non-deliberate and the non-human), symbol/index/icon analysis is now used. Semiotics - From Peirce to Barthes: A Conceptual Introduction to the Study of Communication, Interpretation, and Expressio

Date: September 11th, 2020 6:10 PM Author: Snowy Parlour Subject: Definitions *Type of Sign* I.i. qualsign - a quality . I.ii. sinsign - a reaction . I.iii. legisign - an idea or norm . *Relations to the Object nic legisign. The term was introduced by semiotician C. S. Peirce (as a part of theorization of signs) in 1960 and was defined as drawings or cartoons abstracted from real appear-ances, but still perceived as resembling some real things (Manning, 1998, p. 66). Later, McCloud (1993) graphically demonstrated that abstracted cartoons could amplify new ideas and/or messages in a more.

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The legisign as class 119 4.2.4. The icon as class 119 4.2.5. The index as class 121 4.2.6. The symbol as class 122 4.2.7. The rheme as class 123 4.2.8. The proposition as class 123 4.2.9. The argument as class 124 4.3. The rhematic indexical legisign as central sign 128 4.4. Terminology and the classes of signs 130 Chapter Five: Triadomany enhanced: A cubed tri-square 5.1. A tri-square of. They may upshift without recourse to symbols per se—through metapragmatics as legisign-level normative regimentation of indexes in discourse and culture. They may appear as qualia, hypostatically abstracted -nesses of things, as signs such as graininess or lens flare that can be separated from particular images to give a sense of realness. They may impress upon the viewer an indexical. Posted 5/22/06 5:14 PM, 14 message

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